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Are You Ready To Become NLP Qualified?

Learn the techniques and the language of subconsciousness with our

NLP 6 Day Practitioner Experience

A powerful live and interactive 6 day experience which will equip you with a level 4 ITOL qualification. Training approved and certified by CPD and the highly regarded NLPEA.

NLP Can Be Used To...

1.  Distort and remove unwanted negative memories!
2.  Breaking lifelong fears!
3.  Healing damaged relationships through perspective!
4.  Re-write your entire identity, life path, and past stories!

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What Actually Is NLP?

What is this magical sounding skill set that can give you unlimited confidence and complete understanding of how people operate?


Our neurological thought processes are the intricate mechanisms through which our brains respond to information. The interplay of neurons and synapses, shape our world view and the decisions we make. Basically, they define how we understand the world around us.


The way language influences our neurological thought processes is profound. Language is the medium through which we express and shape our thoughts. It affects how we categorize experiences, formulate concepts, and even how we perceive reality!


Our internal programming, comprising the subconscious beliefs, habitual patterns, and ingrained behaviors, dictates our actions, reactions, and ultimately, our destiny. This programming is formed through experiences, learning, and conditioning, and it governs how we navigate life. Understanding the scripts we follow means we can make serious change.


Feeling More Confident
with a deeper grasp of human behavior.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs
to seize the success you deserve.

Transforming into a powerhouse coach
with impressive skills that command premium rates.

Communicating and influencing effortlessly
to build strong relationships and attract new opportunities.

Achieving your most meaningful goals
by understanding your unconscious mind and overcoming its hidden obstacles.

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Hi, im Mike Lancaster

And i'm an NLP Master Trainer, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker.

It's been 4 years since I first discovered this little thing called NLP. 4 years since my life was completely transformed!

I started out coaching on a 1 to 1 basic, using NLP to change the lives of my clients, while also teaching them the ways the subconscious works. Allowing them to take control of their minds.

But I had an itch to scratch, not enough people were getting the benefit of NLP. Not enough people even knew what it was. So now i've trained 100s of NLP practitioners, who both use NLP for themselves and for others around them, spreading the fire of this new mindset revolution... 

But it wasn't always like this...

Nearly 5 years ago, I planned how and when I was going to end it all. After a life full of abuse, homelessness and substances, I'd found a route out of it all through the sport of boxing, where I not only thrived, but won multiple titles.

But unfortunatly, I had one fight that ended with me suffering a stroke, and that meant I could never fight again.

That loss kicked me back down, I felt I had nothing left at all. I decided it was time to end.

I took one final trip to my hometown, where an old friend of mine told me about an event called Strength to succeed. I went along with him.

That event changed my life. I was chosen for a live demonstration of NLP, which not only fixed my mental health, but also introduced me to the world of mindset and coaching.

Below is a clip from that very day where I underwent life saving neuro linguistic programming.

Getting serious about mindset changed my life. Now let me change yours!

Why Sit The 6 Day NLP Experience?

Discipline Coaching Academy isn't just another training company... I know, I know, thats what they all say.  

But we're serious! 

This is what you'll get when you come to our 6 day NLP practitioner experience:

Internationally recognised training


Our training provides you with a level 4 ITOL (Institute of Training and Occupational Learning) accreditation in NLP.  

Also, a qualification in NLP from the NLPEA.

This means we can guarantee you high-quality approved training AND reward you with an internationally recognised certificate backed up by ITOL's valuation system. The 6 Day also boasts CPD and Elcas approval.

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Practical Sessions & Self Discovery


Teaching from slides can be useful, but you don't really learn until you're actually implementing the techniques.

This course challenges you to exit your comfort zone and go deep within, that way, you understand yourself and what's caused you to make every decision in your life this far. 

Highly Recommended


I've trained 100s of NLP practitioners, and they all leave my training centre with one bit of advice for people thinking about becoming NLP qualified.

Want to hear that advice?

Listen to them directly:

What You'll Learn

Here's an overview of what we'll be covering over the 6 day NLP practitioner experience.

The Essentials Of NLP

Get in-depth knowledge of how the mind, internal representations, and the brain works. Learn how we process information into raw emotion.

Power Of Reframe

See things through an alternative life lens that will allow you to reframe any situation. Your life will never be the same again after this!

Building Rapport

Discover how to build solid relationships, create rapport, and mirror your clients to build trust and influence in every situation.


Using metaphors in your coaching sessions will allow you to make your clients effortless, a doorway to the subconscious mind.

Read People

With these new skills, you’ll be able to understand and read others on the deepest level possible.
Almost akin to reading someone's mind!

Belief Breaking

Learn the most advanced techniques in the world for breaking beliefs designed to transform someone’s beliefs at a very deep level.

Deep Reflection

Reveal how individuals process information such as emotions, thoughts and feelings and how to change how your clients feel instantly.


Facial expressions that occur when people try to conceal an emotion they genuinely feel. Learn to recognise these to understand a person!

Changing Your State

Learn how to redirect your client to spend their time in resourceful states that serve them and allow them to live more positive lives.

Conflict Resolution

 Understand why conflicts happen and how we work through resolution so that your client can feel calm & empowered to tackle difficult situations.


How language is one of the most powerful tools to gain access to the inner workings of the mind. And not just spoken language...


A tool to significantly rewrite your past and draw up your ideal future to change the meanings and associations of bad experiences.


Where do we teach?

All training is held in our very own conference centre, on the seafront in Redcar.


Seaview Business Centre

Turner Street


TS10 1AZ

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