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Junior NLP

Does your child get anxious? Do they get nervous going somewhere new? Do they suffer with a lack of self confidence and belief?


Welcome to NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming. 

A form of coaching which tackles these issues and so many more.


In our Junior NLP workshops, we will delve into child-friendly NLP techniques, including the art of anchoring, the power of chunking up and chunking down, and the magical voice change. These skills will allow your child to better manage their emotions and better cope in new situations and environments.  The number of children with anxiety is sadly growing. In Britain, the NHS has recorded the highest number of children being treated for mental health issues with anxiety problems contributing to around 20% of these cases. Don't let your child become part of this statistic!


Junior NLP workshops are designed to nurture their natural abilities and create a more positive mindset that will serve as the foundation for future success.  By giving children these NLP techniques they have a far higher chance of success in the future. After all, this is what we want as parents isn't it? Knowing that we have done our best for our children and that they are best prepared for their futures. 


Junior NLP workshops are delivered in person by Adam and his experienced coaching team who all possess an enhanced DBS check and have completed CPD approved training in safeguarding children.

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