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Transformational Coaching

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As a Coach, you will guide others in clarifying a vision of how they would like their life to be and help them to make it a reality.


The ITOL Life Coaching Courses provide the knowledge you need to help those around you capitalize on their natural skills and talents, to develop, and become empowered to live a better life.

Discipline Coaching is not something that should be entered into lightly. It is an important role, which, done correctly, can make a massive difference in empowering others and helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives, as well as your own.

Each course guides you through how to be effective in this role. You’ll learn the key communication skills you’ll need, gain an understanding of human needs and desires, and discover how to prepare for and action change in others. Along with the theory, you will also gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to provide effective treatment to clients, using tools such as treatment plans, interviews and goal setting.

You’ll explore many practical exercises that will help to change your client’s way of thinking and provide actionable steps towards bringing dreams closer to reality. You’ll learn how to identify areas of a person’s life that are imbalanced and how to rebalance them, and how to identify the things that bring joy or that your client is passionate about, and how these can be incorporated into following their life’s purpose.

Some people will need more help to get to the point at which they are able to take the steps needed to change their life or to continue on the path of following their life’s purpose. Stress is a major factor in the way we see ourselves and our lives. The Discipline Coaching Course walks you through practical ways to identify and manage stress, consider life from a different perspective, and remove obstacles that stand in the way of achieving success.

For those taking the Discipline Coaching  Course some then go on to set up a business offering this service to others, the course provides information on how to do just that. You will be walked through setting up a viable business plan, creating and committing to a Business Vision, learn how to set up a practice, how to attract clients, market and advertise the business.

The date for Level 1 Transformational Coaching is confirmed as Monday 22nd April 2024

£95 including VAT

ITOL Level 1 Accredited course

To enquire for more details, please email

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