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Are You Ready To Deliver Your Message With Confidence?

Learn the techniques communicate with impact with our

3 Day Public Speaking Course

A powerful live and interactive 3 day experience which will equip you with a level 4 ITOL qualification. 

This training will...

1.  Give you the ultimate secrets to confidence. 
2.  Allow you to convey your messages with clarity and impact.
3.  Find you your unique voice.
4.  Change the way you view yourself, and others!

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What Is Public Speaking?

To put it simply, public speaking is is the art of effectively delivering information, ideas, or messages to an audience. That audience could be a business meeting, a social event or an important presentation

How do people seem to effortlessly deliver a talk or speech without seeming to worry about forgetting what they're about to say? Looking or sounding nervous? Holding a room in their palm?

These are normal questions.

Questions we have the answers for.


Feeling More Confident
to stand in front of an audience alone.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs
to seize the success you deserve.

Transforming into a powerhouse speaker
with impressive skills that command entire rooms.

Communicating and influencing effortlessly
connecting with individuals in a vast audience

Unlocking your voice
and being heard as you!

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Mike Shoot 2024-12.jpg

Hi, im Mike Lancaster

And i'm an NLP Master Trainer, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker.

I started my journey as a mindset coach, working with clients on a 1 to 1 individual basis. But in order to reach more people, the 1 to 1s inevitably had to become 1 to many. It meant, I had to stand on stage and present.

It's no secret that the number 1 fear in the world is public speaking. Most of us are self-conscious enough when we leave the house, often perceiving that people are watching us, judging us. So imagine the tension if all eyes really are on you? 

But if I was going to share my story to inspire, I needed to overcome this fear. So I began to research the top speakers, the people who make it look so effortless.

Why did I master public speaking?

Nearly 5 years ago, I planned how and when I was going to end it all. After a life full of abuse, homelessness and substances, I'd found a route out of it all through the sport of boxing, where I not only thrived, but won multiple titles.

But unfortunatly, I had one fight that ended with me suffering a stroke, and that meant I could never fight again.

That loss kicked me back down, I felt I had nothing left at all. I decided it was time to end.

I took one final trip to my hometown, where an old friend of mine told me about an event called Strength to succeed. I went along with him.

That event changed my life. I was chosen for a live demonstration of NLP, which not only fixed my mental health, but also introduced me to the world of mindset and coaching.

Below is a clip from that very day where I underwent life saving neuro linguistic programming.

Now through my public speaking skill set, I present the strength to succeed events that take place every year, to an audience of 250+ people.

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